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Energy Products & Technologies Inc.

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 EP&T, Inc.  manufactures thermowells and other machined and welded products in a  wide variety of  materials and configurations.  We stock most of the items listed in the  catalog, generally in 303- 304 -316 grades of stainless steel.  Other common materials  are carbon steels and brass,  but we will provide wells to almost  any material  requirement on a custom basis.  Please refer to the catalog section for standard  product.  Other items available are a large variety of specialized turned, threaded or  welded fittings and bushings  in a variety of materials.  

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 A Proven History

 EP&T, Inc. has been in business for 30  years and has provided standard and  specialized thermowells, throughout  industry.   Whether to our catalog  standard or special order  EP&T  offers top quality and competitive  prices and delivery.

ISO 9001 Compliant

Adapters and Fittings
Custom Products

Our newest addition to our manufacturing capability.  Haas ST-10